Thrive Culture builds collaborative, inclusive and innovative workplace environments nationwide.

Why Work With Thrive?

After 10 years of supporting people to implement their aspirational values, I launched my company, Thrive Culture, to help organizations and individuals advance skills for healthy collaboration and ultimately thrive. Many organizations adeptly identify challenges and potential solutions, yet executing these solutions can be hindered by an unprepared work culture.

Thrive Culture supports individuals and groups to cultivate the social-emotional dexterity needed to collaborate and move through the cultural impacts of change in healthy ways.

About Colleen

Owner, Thrive Culture

Colleen Thompson is a versatile consultant, artist, and facilitator driving culture change through an equity lens. With a diverse background in creative and social justice arenas, Colleen has excelled as a consultant for biwa-Emergent Equity consulting firm in North Carolina, as an aerial acrobat, and has worked in community engagement at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.

As a facilitator, she utilizes artistic and contemplative tools to engage in transformative conversations and skills-building that cultivate group synergy and ethical, healthier
organizational cultures.