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Thrive Culture builds collaborative, inclusive and innovative workplace environments nationwide.

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Welcome to thrive culture

We are a visionary company that supports individuals and groups to build organizational wellness. 

We promote healthier, collaborative, and sustainable cultures by helping our clients develop the skills needed to foster well-being, creativity, and productivity within the workplace. 

Facilitation Services

At Thrive Culture, our skilled facilitators use contemplative exercises and social-emotional insights to guide transformative journeys for individuals and organizations, fostering open dialogue, active participation, and positive change in workshops, meetings, and sessions.

Culture Shift Processes

Thrive Culture specializes in developing tailored culture shift processes that promote positive and lasting change within organizations, addressing challenges related to cultural impacts, and guiding clients towards creating healthier, more inclusive, and innovative workplace environments with an emphasis on ethics and sustainability.

Staff & Wellness Retreats

Thrive Culture offers retreats to develop essential skills for well-being, creativity, and productivity.  Our retreats blend artistic, physical, and mindfulness exercises to engage and rejuvenate your team.  We collaborate with you to tailor each retreat to your group’s unique needs and goals.

Individual Coaching

Thrive Culture’s individual coaching services empower clients to unlock their unique potential, fostering self-awareness, resilience, and effective communication for holistic personal and professional growth.

How Do I Know If I Need Thrive Culture?

You may benefit from Thrive Culture if your organization is skilled at identifying challenges and solutions but encounters difficulties in implementing those solutions due to an unprepared corporate culture.

Thrive Culture specializes in helping individuals and groups develop the social-emotional skills necessary for effective collaboration and navigating the cultural implications of change in a positive manner.

...more courageous conversations

Thanks to Thrive Culture, our organization is having more courageous conversations. People are more willing to share thoughts and feelings about situations than they had before. The team got closer and was able to hash and think through things in ways that we haven’t before.

Progress New Mexico, Financial Director

...a profound difference in how I show up

I am no longer scared of conflict within our leadership team, thanks to the guidance and strategies Thrive Culture has provided. The opportunity to address challenging topics directly through real-life practice has helped us make the jump and take action on things we may have avoided.  Beyond the year plus that we worked intensively together, in the months since our engagement ended, I have had moments of conflict during which I could watch myself almost intuitively practicing the mindfulness and courageous choice- making that your coaching encouraged in us.  I can see very clearly the seasoning of my courage and integrity developing, blooming, and intensifying in precisely the ways that this world calls me, as a white woman, to grow to meet the demands of anti-racist leadership. I have internal tools that I didn’t have access to before- they are making a profound difference in how I show up in moments that matter for my organization and community.

OCRCC (Orange County Rape Crisis Center), Executive Director

... made me feel genuinely heard

Colleen’s coaching transformed my approach to mediation. As a long-time entrepreneur, I needed a new perspective for tackling mediation with a former employer. Colleen’s guidance boosted my confidence and provided clear guideposts to address my important issues. I learned to listen effectively, protect myself, and navigate negotiations with a sense of security, especially on sensitive topics.

Working with Colleen felt like having a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the mediation. Colleen walked me through potential scenarios, helping me prepare thoroughly and recognize my worth. Her fair and principled approach made me feel genuinely heard and supported. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to navigate difficult negotiations with confidence and clarity.

Founder, Black Acrobat

About Colleen

Owner, Thrive Culture

Meet Colleen Thompson, a multifaceted consultant, artist, and facilitator dedicated to fostering cultural change with an equity-driven perspective. With a rich background spanning creative and social justice fields, Colleen has achieved excellence as a consultant with biwa-Emergent Equity consulting firm and contributed to community engagement initiatives at the prestigious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.